PASKO 2010

"PASKO 2010"

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Martes, Hunyo 9, 2009

her eyes...

i had many questions about life, then after some situation that fit to my questions i finally answered my thoughts...
we have to think hundred OF times before we enter some path that may change our lives forever like entering relationships, unfortunately I' am not expert for that side.

but when i met that girl who changed my life i found out that sHE IS the one I've looking for the long time of searching...

the obstacle to reach her is my fears, but I' am hoping that after years of waiting the sacrifices will be the good and right decision
don't worry momi..... my promises will not be broken just wait.
I respect you, I adore you as a person... you're my inspiration .
her eyes makes me smile makes me stronger and alive..............


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